Basic Maths Skills Videos
Level 5 (GCSE Grade E) Topics

Topic 1 - Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100, 1000
This video recaps the technique required to multiply and divide by powers of 10.
MyMaths revision :-
  Multiply by 10 and 100 - Lesson  Multiply by 10 and 100 - Worksheet 
Topic 2 - Rounding Decimals
This video explains how to round to the nearest whole number and to 1 decimal place.
Interactive Practice from CIMT :-
  Questions 1,4,6 
MyMaths revision :-
  Decimal places - Lesson 
  Decimal places - worksheet 
Topic 3 - Divisibility Rules for 3,4,5,6 & 9
This video explains the rules for working out if a number can be divided exactly (divisible) by 5,3,9,4 & 6.
MyMaths revision :-
  Sequences - Lesson  Sequences - Worksheet 
Topic 4 - Ordering fractions and decimals
This video gives tips on ordering decmials and fractions and then a mixture of fraction, decimal and percentages.
Interactive Practice from CIMT :-
  Decimals  Question 6 
Topic 5 - Cancel a fraction to its lowest term
This video first demonstrates how to find equivalent fractions then shows how to cancel a fraction into its lowest terms.
Interactive Practice from CIMT :-
  Question 4 and 5 
MyMaths revision :-
  Equivalent Fractions - Lesson 
  Equivalent Fractions - worksheet 
Topic 6 - Order of operations (BIDMAS)
This video reminds the watcher about the order in which you should do calculations.
Interactive Practice from CIMT :-
  Order of operations 
MyMaths revision :-
  Order of operations - Lesson 
  Order of operations - worksheet 
Topic 7 - Fraction or Percentage of a quantity with a calculator
This video shows you how to use a calculator to work out fractions and percentages of a quantity.
Interactive Practice from CIMT :-
  Percentage  Fractions 
MyMaths revision :-
  Percentage - Lesson 
  Percentage - worksheet 
Topic 8 - Long Multiplication
This video demonstrates 3 methods to do long multiplication accurately without a calculator.
Interactive Practice from CIMT :-
  Use a written method no calculator allowed! 
MyMaths revision :-
  Long Multiplication (grid)- Lesson 
  Long Multiplication (grid) - worksheet 
Topic 9 - Negative numbers
This video talks about adding and subtracting negative numbers - if in doubt use a number line.
Interactive Practice from CIMT :-
  Adding and subtracting negatives 
MyMaths revision :-
  Negative Number calculations - Lesson 
  Negative Number calculations - worksheet 
Topic 10 - Ratio and Proportion
This video goes through some examples of ratio and proportion.
MyMaths revision :-
  Proportion - Lesson  Proportion - Worksheet 
Topic 11 - Inverse Operations
This video goes through some examples of inverse operations in think of a number type questions.
Topic 12 - Properties of Triangles and Quadrilaterals
This video goes through some examples of the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals.
MyMaths revision :-
  Triangle Properties - Lesson  Triangle Properties - Worksheet  Quadrilateral Properties - Lesson  Quadrilateral Properties - Worksheet 
Topic 13 - Rotational Symmetry
This video goes through some examples of rotational symmetry.
MyMaths revision :-
  Lines of Symmetry - Lesson  Lines of Symmetry - Worksheet  Rotational Symmetry - Lesson  Rotational Symmetry - Worksheet 
Topic 14 - Angle Rules
This video goes through some examples of the basic angle rules.
MyMaths revision :-
  Angle Rules - Lesson  Angle Rules - Worksheet 
Topic 16 - Measuring Angles with a Protractor
This video goes through some examples of measuring angles with a protractor.
MyMaths revision :-
  Measuring Angles - Lesson  Measuring Angles - Worksheet 
Topic 17 - Reading Scales
This video goes through some examples of reading scales.