RawMaths Rubik's cube page

This section is going to be my guide to all things to do with the rubik's cube. But first I will start by just linking the best beginners tutorial I have seen on youtube. These videos are by Erik Akkersdijk who at one point was the world record holder and his beginners method is based around one main series of moves which he calls the sexy move.

Step One - The cross
Erik Akkersdijk has a great way of making the first cross in the correct order.
Step Two - The first layer corners
Here it comes Erik Akkersdijk's Sexy move a real easy way of putting each corner in.
Step Three - The second layer
You learnt the Sexy move now learn the Lexy move, the same one but using your left hand.
Step Four - Last Layer Crossr
You learn how to make a cross on the last layer of the cube, more sexy moves.
Step Five - Last layer corner positioning
You learn how to put the corners in the correct place but not necessarily the right way around.
Step Six - Twisting the corners on the last layer
Nearly there now just need to twist any corners that are not oriented properly then step 7 to move the edges into place.
Last Step - Putting edges into the correct place
Wow wasnt that easy :) This isnt how to do it fast though stay tuned for more info, or go and look up "4 look last layer" once you can do the cube with no help from the videos.