GCSE - AQA Link Paired Pilot Methods 2 - Higher

Number topics from grade B to A*

N2 - Arithmetic of real numbers
This topic video isnt set up yet just a place holder at the moment. This includes exact calculations with surds and pi, answers maybe required to be left in this form.
N6 - Understand that factors and multiples of a number can be derived from its prime factorisation
This video explains how you can work out the Highest common factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) from the product of prime factors in index form just by looking at lowest or highest power of each prime number.
Worked exam questions:-
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N9 - Repeated proportional change
This topic video gives a quick recap on the basic idea. Find proportional change, using fractions, decimals and percentages.
Worked exam questions:-